Pet Passports - The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) 

The Pet Travel Scheme enables you to avoid putting your cat or dog into quarantine when you travel to certain DEFRA listed countries. The system is quite involved initially as you must meet various conditions relating to your pet’s health so we suggest that you come in and talk to us or speak to DEFRA if you are interested in arranging a pet passport, however below gives you the basic information for dogs.

Pet travel rules changed on 1 January 2012 when the UK brought its procedures into line with the European Union. From this date all pets can enter or re-enter the UK from any country in the world without quarantine provided they meet the rules of the scheme, which will be different depending on the country or territory the pet is coming from.

To get a Pet Passport your pet must comply with the following:

  • Fitted with a readable microchip by your vet
  • Vaccinated against rabies
  • Blood tested 30 days post vaccine to ensure that the vaccination is viable. ( It is not uncommon for dogs to need more than one vaccination against rabies to ensure they are over the minimum protective level, if this is the case it will add an extra 30 days on to the timeline.) It is important to note that your dog may not enter or re-enter the UK under PETS until six calendar months have passed from the date that the blood sample showed a satisfactory test result for protection against rabies. Therefore we suggest that you commence the process a minimum of 9 months before your travel date.
  • Have a PETS certificate from an authorised vet
  • Blood tested 30 days post vaccine to ensure that the vaccination is viable
  • Tick and tapeworm treatment must be carried out 24-48 hours before entry into the UK. Any qualified local vet can carry out the treatment but approved products must be used and all the required details must be entered in to the passport including the time using a 24 hours clock and the stamp and signature of the vet.

This is only a basic outline of how the system works. It would be prudent to consider that UK dogs and cats have little resistance to some of the diseases encountered abroad, we are happy to discuss relevant vaccinations with you.

In addition we advise that you check with DEFRA and your transport company each time you travel as the system is regularly changing and evolving.

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