On Site Laboratory 

The Market Rasen based laboratory is one of the most important aspects of the practice for establishing a diagnosis. It enables us to perform tests quickly where prompt results can make a difference to patient care. Within minutes we can have the results of blood or urine tests and armed with these results we are able to understand better what is happening internally and use the results to obtain a diagnosis. Although the facilities allow for blood screens, cytology and urinology, occasionally some samples may need to be sent out to specialist laboratories for analysis.


Blood testing
Blood testing is carried out with a computerised ABC haematology machine, Johoh electrolyte analyser and a Synermed biochemical analyser. Having this equipment immediately to hand is very useful, as it enables blood samples to be examined usually the day they are taken, so that a diagnosis can be confirmed sooner. The examination of fresh blood samples enables more accurate and meaningful results to be obtained.
Blood tests are often used to provide information on infection and inflammatory processes, metabolic diseases, damage to internal organs such as liver and kidneys, pancreas, muscle damage, dehydration, protein levels and thyroid function.

Samples of hair can be examined microscopically for parasites and skin scrapes to help diagnose dermatological problems.

Urine analysis
We are also able to carry out urine analysis, where we check for the indication of infection or abnormal cells indicating trauma to the bladder or kidneys, liver disease, infections and diabetes.

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