Dental Care - Routine & Advanced 

We routinely assess your pet's dental health at every examination looking for signs of dental problems including: bad breath, plaque, red and swollen gums, a yellow or brown tartar build-up around the gums, broken or worn teeth, or masses or swellings along the gums. It is important that these problems are addressed before they cause permanent damage.

Our Dental Scaler can be used to remove the hard calculus (tartar) from teeth helping to eliminate the places that bacteria can lurk in the mouth. This helps to prevent periodontal disease, so keeping all species chewing happily. After the teeth are scaled we then use our dental polisher to leave a nice smooth surface making it more difficult for plaque to re-attach. Dental polishing together with good home care is designed to prevent recurrence of dental disease.

Dental Equipment for Rabbits and Rodents

Because rabbits do not open their mouths very wide we have special gags and instruments that allow us to carry out dental procedures in rabbits and other small pets. Because rabbits’ teeth are continually growing – overgrowth is a common problem with the sharp edges cutting into the tongue or cheeks. Special instruments can be used to file the teeth, or in some cases to extract them. This, along with home care and prevention are very important for all rabbit’s future health.

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